Meet Lorel  

Master Reiki Healer 
Certified Dr. Sear Health Coach
Certified Reflexologist
Dr. Chen's Cell Regeneration Specialist                    

I Empower, Guide, Educate & Inspire     my client's to create a healthy 
body, lifestyle and learn new habits with lasting results. Your success is my success. If your ready to make the changes , get committed to improve your health and live the life you were meant to enjoy then you have come to the right place.
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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

My favorite places to connect are in the comments sections of my blog articles, or on my Facebook page and Instagram posts. You can also check out some of the gorgeous food I eat on Instagram!


My Mission and Passion 

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Master Reiki Healer since 2011. I am trained in Dr. Chen's Holistic Cell Regeneration Program - Nourish - Balance - Cleanse System. I also received my training as a Wellness Coach at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have always had a passion for living healthy and helping others since my early 20's. I have a background in Real Estate, Fashion Designing, Modeling & Image Consulting. 

Through good nutrition, exercise, energy healing techniques such as Reiki Healing, Ti Chi, Kundalini Yoga to reduce stress & lifestyle changes anyone can achieve true health and harmony of the mind and body with lasting results. 

I have Implemented these practices over the years and this has helped me age gracefully and achieve a healthier happy balanced life. At 60 I have more energy than my 27 year old son and  look years younger for my age. My approach to a healthy body & mind has worked for me and I know it will work for you. 

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My Story

I lived in Lugano, Switzerland, Amsterdam Holland, Dubai Uae, Saudi Arabia and New York.  While living in Lugano Switzerland it had a huge impact on my attitude towards living healthy. I realized there were so many centenarians and seniors living long healthy active lives. They were mentally alert, active, positive, happy and not facing all the aging ailments we face in the United States.


Their diet consisted of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and very little meat. They were social, active and also enjoyed a little wine and chocolate. They consumed and enjoyed pure food void of all chemicals, preservatives, hormones, artificial sugars and antibiotics. This of course promotes a healthy body and mind. I realized eating organic real food was the best way to achieve a healthy body and mind.


For many years now I have implemented a healthy holistic diet, exercise, Dr. Chen's Cell regeneration program & various energy techniques which has helped me build my immunity, be less stressed and have more energy.  It has improved my health and I know it will work for you. Good health is a balance between the mind and body.  I would love to assist you and share my knowledge and expertise in regaining your health and enjoying life.  Your success is my success.  I look forward to hearing from you.  


Continue to Live, Love, Laugh and Grow 

LOREL LIFE & REIKI CERT #3 (09.15.2019).
LOREL LIFE & REIKI CERT (10.05.2019)
LOREL LIFE & REIKI CERT #3 (09.15.2019).